Stacey A. Johnson

Thanks for stopping by!  I am Stacey A Johnson, founder of SAJ Empowerment Enterprises.

I believe that as women we can look and feel good, own our own businesses, balance our lives, and achieve financial independence doing something we enjoy.

My mission is to reach to women to remind them they are unstoppable.   I want to make a difference in women’s lives and provide an ultimate opportunity for personal and financial success that lasts a lifetime.

I have spent more than 18 years in the accounting and tax industry and 7 years in direct sales and network marketing.   Through these experiences, I have learned:

  • Commitment and dedication will put you on the right path
  • Releasing fear will enable you to embrace your passion
  • Challenging yourself will free you from your comfort zone
  • Your legacy depends on smart decisions made with strategic intentions

These are the lessons that I want to activate in the lives of the women I support.   I want to position every woman to be able to go after what she wants in life.   This process starts with knowing the purpose for your life and ends with living fully into that purpose and the provision it provides.   If you know your purpose, and have passion for what you’re doing, then you can achieve prosperity.    I am here to show you how and then to work with you as you achieve it and finally to educate and train you on strategies so that the results of your work continue to work for you.