PASSION is a powerful emotion or feeling. It is evident when the mind, body and spirit work together to create, develop, and articulate, our feelings, ideas, and values. It is what is important in your life and to you. Also, it’s an opportunity to show your dedication. You need passion to drive you to work harder and it gives you the strength to tough out the hard days. Passion enables us to overcome obstacles and endure to the end. Best of all, you can’t fake it. The power of passion forces us to see who we are, and who we are becoming.

I believe that women should own their own business, and choose something that they are passionate about. It will keep you motivated and allow you start and stay on track. It will teach you discipline and you will be committed to your ultimate goal. Don’t allow money to play a major role or be your decision maker. It can make you desperate, unhappy, and loss focus of your true potential. Starting your own business or getting promoted is a great accomplishment, but imagine how it feels when you’re doing something you believe in. At the end of the day, feeling good about yourself and happy about what you do every day will lead to fulfillment.

Passion is a birthright, it is within you. I challenge you to discover and master your PASSION!