Do you find yourself LOSING STEAM often when you start a new endeavor?    

Do you know that you can make a deeper impact but are NOT QUITE SURE HOW?

Are you looking for that place where just “FIT IN”?

This means you are asking yourself a life transforming question


Let me help you out!  First, you have a Purpose!  Second, there is power in your Purpose! How do you find it?

1) LET GOYou have to let go of all the false purposes you’ve been accumulating.

2) GO WITHINHave a compelling reason (your WHY factor) for what you want to accomplish. Your purpose should strike a surge and overwhelming emotion that breaks you.  Don’t give up and push past your resistance and urge to quit.

3) GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY - Stop making excuses and move to do something. Stick to the plan, keep pushing, and stay positive.  You will eventually have an “Aha” moment when you find your own unique answer to “What Is Your True Purpose”.  You will feel it resonate within you.  It will give you a special energy (PASSION).  Once you have discovered your purpose keep it with you daily and work on yourself to the point you become that purse.


I believe that each and every person has a PURPOSE that serves a purpose.   I want to help you to activate yours.   Stay connected with me as I will be providing motivation, tips and tools to guide you from the identification to your purpose towards its activation.